LED Smoke Bubble Machine

LED Smoke Bubble Machine

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LED Smoke Bubble - A 3 in 1 effect, combining a smoke and bubble machine together, with colour changing led's, creating spectacular visual effects.

Creates a shower of bubbles filled with smoke that are blown out and upwards, producing a 'smoke orb' type of effect.

Has 2x fluid compartments, labelled thoroughly. (Bubble Fluid, Smoke Fluid). 

Customisable output/speed of bubbles, as well as changing how much smoke fills the bubble

  • LED Color: RGBY
  • LED Type: Quad-Color
  • Fluid Tank Capacity : 1.3 L
  • Bubble Capacity: 1.3 L

To ensure high quality bubbles, bubble fluid is well stored in the tank. With this feature, the unit can also be mounted high in the truss, launching bubbles all over the sky. Usage for shows, concerts, parties and events of all types!