Antari Snow Machine

Antari Snow Machine

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Code: HWO-19017

The SW-250 snow machine is an enhanced version, equipped with a easy-to-use LCD control panel which allows users to set the snow output volume and timing much more precisely. This machine uses a manual wireless control and can be activated and deactivated simply by a touch on the transmitter, making the wireless control system the standard accessory.  

Now it’s possible to have the effects from snowflakes to blizzard, exactly as what you expected whenever needed all year round without waiting! 

Speciality: Wireless remote controlled (Included)
Tank Capacity: 5L

Weight: 12.6kg
Size:  554 x 276 x 228 mm
Fluid Consumption: 4 min/L (100% Output) Output 250ml/min

  • Power Consumption : 600W (Min Output) , 1290 W (Max Output)
  • Accessory Include : Hanging Bracket
  • DMX : On board
  • Liquid Used : Antari SL-5 Snow / Foam Liquid , Antari SL-5A Snow Liquid Premium