Fluorescent Green Slime (2KG/100L)

Fluorescent Green Slime (2KG/100L)

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Fluorescent Green colour

Our green slime has a smooth shiny texture, similar to what you see widely used on TV for a number of years (similar to Nickelodeon type, in appearance and thickness)

Vivid, photo & video friendly. It is perfect for all environments including studio & filming, outdoors conditions, live events & competitions, stage & theatre, festivals, home use and more!

Non-toxic, safe for consumption and can be easily washed out of hair, skin and clothing. Naturally biodegradable and environmentally friendly and can be disposed down the drain or in household waste. 

Easily mixed with water, this 2kg pack will produce approximately 100 litres of smooth, non-toxic slime.

Comes as powder until mixed with water to create SLIME!