Smoke Emitter (3 mins)

Smoke Emitter (3 mins)

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Code: SMK-1001

These great little smoke emitters are excellent to start / finish an event or to let everyone know about your new edition to the family’s gender.

Please let us know during checkout in the 'Special Instructions' box if you require the colour to be concealed

These units DO burn hot and will require a holder:
We are currently out of holders, but a paper cup will work too

Available in Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, White and Grey!

  • Photography
  • Special Effects
  • Gender Reveals

Easy to light using a blue (butane flame) and gives off a powerful colour to let everyone know where you are or what’s going on.

These units DO burn hot and will we require a holder that’s free with each unit.

These units are classified as NON dangerous and therefore do not require a license to buy.

Instruction Video

Note, it is best to use a wind proof lighter with a blue flame for quick lighting.